Los Angeles Wedding Workshop

FEBRUARY 27TH - 29TH, 2024


 It's back! An all new 3-day experience with optional 4th day to revamp your wedding business from start to finish // All New Business & Marketing Modules to take your business to the next level.

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Introducing an In-Person Workshop Experience

Our revamped 3-day workshop has been updated to not only help you create the business of your dreams, but also to give you the portfolio to get started. We are going to combine 12 years of knowledge in running a 7-figure a year studio to show you steps you need to take to build a dominant wedding photography business in your market.

Day 1: Technique

During the first day, we will spend the morning talking about theory, lighting, composition, and the SX3 shooting method to get variance from set to set.

During the afternoon we will introduce you to shooting for the album, which will be vital to your sales success in the future. 

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Day 2: Application

During day 2 we will start the day with advanced post-production, going over the systems for standard color correction, album design, and deliverables, as well as advanced creative retouching. 

In the afternoon we will leave to our off-site shooting location, which will be announced closer to the workshop date

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Day 3: Business

On day 3 we will be creating your business model, and explaining the secrets to 5-figure sales. 

We will also be covering the most effective marketing tactics we have found over the course of our 12 years in business. You will leave this day with many fresh new ideas and will not struggle to get leads after implementing them. This will be a long and transformative day.

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Day 4: Scale

On this optional 4th day we are going to teach you how to scale your business using our proven associate photographer system where we will teach you how to recruit, train, and compensate an associate photographer team so you can truly build your path to financial independence. 


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Whats New This Year?

In an ongoing effort to push the envelope, and during one of the slowest markets in the last 15 years in the wedding industry, we have developed new marketing techniques so photographers can dig deeper into generating new leads and clients. With a focus on paid advertising and venue relationships, the 2024 EYP Workshop will be the best yet for business-minded photographers.

Marketing Technique

I pride myself on being an active photographer. In one of the slowest years the wedding industry has seen, we managed to do over 1.1M in sales through November. This isn't magic, it's marketing. I want to show you the exact process we used to get there because it wasn't easy, but with some guidance, you can get similar results.

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Let's be honest, it's hard to run a successful business without automation. We rely on it in our business for helping make sure our clients have a good experience and our new clients are more likely to sign with us. We are going to show you our new system of automation to help ensure a successful client experience.

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Luxury Focused

We would all agree it's better to photograph less and earn more.....

During this workshop, I will teach you how to target luxury venues and vendors and create an incredible portfolio. Best of all, a luxury-oriented business is self-feeding, which allows you to automatically find your next clients from your last ones.

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What are you waiting for?

Let me help you elevate your business. 

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But wait! There's more...

Your workshop fee also includes the following digital courses

3-Month Subscription to Elevate 360 

Elevate 360 is our upcoming continuous learning platform. Learn online with new weekly content on lighting, shooting, post-production, and more.

The Lightroom Masterclass & Preset System 

Our 30-hour+ editing course which includes our popular preset system for editing in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

The Booking Blueprint Marketing Course

Our online course and 365-day e-mail marketing system. This course is essential for ongoing development in your business so we are including it for free. 

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We haven't hosted a workshop since 2019.....and this new one will be longer, and more in-depth than ever before.

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