$4,999.00 USD

3-Month Coaching Program

Embark on an empowering and transformative journey with our 3-month ongoing coaching program, led by industry luminary, Michael Anthony. This comprehensive, personalized program offers you the opportunity to connect with Michael via Zoom, in person in Los Angeles, or directly through a dedicated Slack channel, for around-the-clock guidance tailored to your unique aspirations and needs.

This immersive package includes three intensive monthly coaching sessions, during which Michael will collaborate closely with you to create a detailed, custom-built curriculum. From launching ad campaigns and developing automation workflows to enhancing your expertise in business, lighting, photography, editing, sales, and marketing, this coaching program is engineered to foster your growth and enable you to reach your full potential.

The journey doesn't stop there. As a part of this program, you will have direct, unlimited access to Michael via a dedicated Slack channel. This feature ensures continuous support and real-time answers to your queries, fostering an environment of ongoing learning and growth. Whether you have a sudden question or need instant feedback, you can count on Michael's guidance at your fingertips.

In this program, we'll delve deep into sophisticated techniques, uncover industry secrets, and pioneer innovative strategies. All the lessons will align with your skillset, ambitions, and learning style, ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling learning experience.

This unparalleled 3-month coaching opportunity with Michael Anthony is the perfect choice for photographers who are committed to refining their skills and scaling their businesses. 

Seize this golden opportunity to transform your passion into a flourishing career with a 3-month coaching program, thoughtfully curated and guided by Michael Anthony, designed exclusively for you. Your journey toward mastering your craft and unleashing your full potential begins today!