One Small Step to Help Make the Sale

by Courtney Tomey


If you’re running a successful wedding photography business, it’s likely you’re conducting in-person sales sessions.  And if you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t anticipate that your love of photography would somehow translate into you needing to be a sales person… the two skills don’t seemingly share much in common and if you don’t have a background in sales it can be really nerve-wracking.  But, there is a silver lining!  Sales don’t have to be scary, and there’s actually one trick that will not only help make you and your clients more comfortable in the sales room, but will lead to even bigger purchases.  We’re talking small talk.

The secret to being an excellent sales person is being able to make your clients feel at ease, and transcend the situation beyond an uncomfortable, high pressure sales situation.  The goal is to make it not feel like a sale at...

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The Impact of Thank You Cards

business courtney tomey Jan 31, 2021

by Courtney Tomey

When your clients are planning their wedding, they have hundreds of options of wedding photographers to choose from, and a list of factors to consider before they place their full trust in a studio for their wedding day.  In our case, we are competing against thousands of Los Angeles wedding photographers, and even when a client has narrowed down their list and come to our studio for a meeting, we still have a lot of hurdles to overcome to not only book their wedding but to keep them as clients leading up to the wedding day.  Especially during the time of COVID, when so many clients are being faced with the tough decision of cancelling their events, there’s even more pressure to retain clients and keep them loyal to your studio throughout the year-long process leading up to their big day and long after.

So, knowing that your clients have so many options when it comes to who they trust with their big day, how do you show your clients that they mean...

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