Why you should use LUTS in your Wedding Films

by Demothy Tien


As a wedding filmmaker, clients expect 3 key things. Speed, consistency, and quality. This is why you need to be using LUTs in your wedding films. LUT let you meet all three of these expectations when used correctly. But how? Well before we get into that, it’s important that we cover what exactly a LUT is.

What’s a LUT?

LUT is short for “lookup table.” When talking about color grading LUTs, they take color input values and convert it to your desired look. It mathematically takes specific color values and modifies them into new ones for the footage you’re working with. 

LUTs are essentially color grading presets. Much like how you use presets for accomplishing different transitions or effects, or different color presets in Lightroom to edit photos, LUTs are presets that let you achieve a specific look in your video. 

Why use LUTs?

Why not? LUTs offer a ton of benefits to your editing workflow. It provides you with speed...

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Is the Panasonic GH5 still relevant for wedding filmmakers? (2021)

by Demothy Tien


When the Panasonic GH5 released in 2017, it was an incredibly revolutionary camera for filmmakers. It’s a 4k mirrorless camera that packs phenomenal video quality in a tiny form factor. It’s been 4 years now since the GH5 released and we’ve had several incredible cameras come out since then. Does the Panasonic GH5 still hold up for wedding filmmakers in 2021 or is it time for an upgrade?

Build Quality and Buttons

The Panasonic GH5 is an incredibly well built and intuitive camera to use. Ergonomics are fantastic, especially for a camera of its size. It’s incredibly compact and lightweight. The GH5 is pretty much the perfect travel camera.Button layout is also great on the GH5. Everything is easy to access and clearly labeled. There are a lot of buttons so settings and features are right within reach, without having to navigate through clunky menus. The GH5 also features dual UHS-II SD card slots which support relay and redundancy...

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Lightroom tricks you might not know

by Demothy Tien

 Lightroom can be really confusing if you’re new or unfamiliar with the software. Its complicated user interface paired with clunky optimization can truly make Lightroom a nightmare to navigate. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a lot of incredibly helpful tricks that can make Lightroom a significantly more pleasant experience. The problem is these tricks aren’t clearly labeled in the software. You have to either read through lengthy manuals or figure them out for yourself. That’s why we’ve put together a small list of hidden Lightroom tricks you might not know about!

 You can change your crop overlays!

Link to Reel: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIhChxXHP1o/

Composition can make or break your imagery. Bad composition simply looks amateur and unpleasant to the eye. You want to compose your images in a way that looks pleasing and leads the viewer’s eyes throughout the image. But your composition just right...

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Canon R5 vs R6 for Photographers?

demothy tien gear Jan 18, 2021

by Demothy Tien

Link to R5 review video: https://youtu.be/k61jtVUD6kk

Canon’s release of two mirrorless cameras in the form of the EOS R5 and EOS R6 left many wondering which to get. Both cameras are quite similar in look, and a solid upgrade to the popular EOS R, however, in terms of functionality, they are quite different. One serves as a professional powerhouse, while the other is a fantastic choice for the average photographer.

Let’s take a look at the bodies

For the most part, the EOS R5 and EOS R6 share a very similar body. Ergonomics are pretty much the same between the two, however, the biggest difference is the lack of a top dial on the R5. The R5 exchanges the more traditional dial in favor of an LCD display. 

Moving onto the back of the camera, both are essentially identical. The only real difference between the two is a slightly larger LCD display on the R5. Overall, the bodies of the EOS R5 and R6 are extremely close, with the only noticeable...

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