How to Prepare your Clients for Successful Boudoir Shoot

by Jennifer Loizzi

Boudoir photography can be intimidating for both the photographer and the client.  Since boudoir photography is a more intimate style of portraiture, nine out of ten clients are nervous and often apprehensive.  It is our job to make our clients feel at ease and have a memorable and enjoyable experience. Here are a few tips that will prepare your clients for a successful boudoir shoot. 

Get to know your client. A great and easy way to get to know your client is to send them a booking questionnaire with a list of questions.  For example, ask them how revealing they want to go (nudes, implied nudes), or what feature they would like to emphasize or deemphasize. You will also spend some time chatting with your client before the shoot in order to get to know them a little better but also make them feel comfortable.  Find out the reason they chose to have a boudoir shoot done and if there is a certain date they need the photos by as well. ...

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How to Develop Vendor Relationships

business jennifer loizzi Feb 03, 2021

by Jennifer Loizzi

Are you struggling to build business relationships?  Are you wondering why other vendors aren't referring you instead of your competition?  Well, while being able to create beautiful images is important, it simply isn't enough.  I’m excited to share with you my tips on building strong vendor relationships. These vendors are not only a good source for referrals, but they are also business professionals we can bounce marketing ideas off of.  They have become our friends and make work so much more enjoyable. I know building vendor relationships is difficult, especially if you're a shy introvert like myself, but I’m going to tell you what we did to help us build these lasting relationships.  Here are five tips to help you connect and build relationships with vendors in your area.

Get out there and Introduce yourself!

Sounds easy enough right? So… why aren't you doing it!  I know it comes easier to some than others but...

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