Is it time to switch to Canon Mirrorless?

 The mirrorless race started by leaving Canon and Nikon in the dust.  There was a time not too long ago that many photographers that otherwise loved the Canon ecosystem, began leaving in droves to take advantage of the technology that Sony was giving them in their mirrorless cameras.

Canon and Nikon have responded with their own mirrorless offerings, however, upon launch they were felt with a lukewarm reception.

Canon, however, provided a firmware update that fixed the way that eye-autofocus works and gives the EOS-R a much-needed performance boost.

As I write this, we are seemingly weeks away from the EOS - R5 official announcement and the camera itself looks to be a beast. 

Still, the EOS-R is an excellent camera at a great price point and it seems as if Canon has made revolutionary strides in the way of optics with their RF lens line.

We will see what the future has in store but for team red, it is certainly looking bright!


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