Why you should use LUTS in your Wedding Films

by Demothy Tien


As a wedding filmmaker, clients expect 3 key things. Speed, consistency, and quality. This is why you need to be using LUTs in your wedding films. LUT let you meet all three of these expectations when used correctly. But how? Well before we get into that, it’s important that we cover what exactly a LUT is.

What’s a LUT?

LUT is short for “lookup table.” When talking about color grading LUTs, they take color input values and convert it to your desired look. It mathematically takes specific color values and modifies them into new ones for the footage you’re working with. 

LUTs are essentially color grading presets. Much like how you use presets for accomplishing different transitions or effects, or different color presets in Lightroom to edit photos, LUTs are presets that let you achieve a specific look in your video. 

Why use LUTs?

Why not? LUTs offer a ton of benefits to your editing workflow. It provides you with speed...

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