Profoto A2 Review for Wedding & Portrait Photographers: Is it Powerful Enough?

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2023


The Profoto A2 is the latest addition to the OCF family, providing photographers with a powerful and portable lighting solution that's perfect for on-location shoots. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the technical aspects of the A2, examining its increased power output, compatibility with Profoto's Click modifiers, and compact design. Read on to discover how the A2 is revolutionizing on-location photography by offering an ideal blend of power and portability.

Increased Power Output

The Profoto A2 is designed to produce 100 watts per second, which is approximately 25% more power than the Profoto A10. This significant increase in power output allows photographers to work with a wider range of lighting scenarios, effectively capturing stunning images in diverse environments. Additionally, the A2 boasts a 10-stop power range, providing users with versatile control over their lighting setup.

AirX Connectivity and Compatibility with Clic Modifiers

The Profoto A2 features AirX connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with Profoto's ecosystem of products. This connectivity allows photographers to control their lighting setup remotely via a smartphone or other compatible devices, streamlining the creative process.

Furthermore, the A2 is fully compatible with Profoto's Clic modifiers, which offer endless creative lighting possibilities. By utilizing these modifiers, photographers can shape and manipulate light to achieve their desired aesthetic, whether they're shooting portraits, landscapes, or anything in between.

Compact and Lightweight Design

One of the standout features of the Profoto A2 is its compact and lightweight design. Measuring roughly the size of a can of Coke, the A2 easily fits into a camera bag, making it the perfect companion for photographers who value portability. Despite its small size, the A2 doesn't compromise on performance, delivering powerful and consistent light output for professional-quality results.

Battery Life and Recharge Time: The Profoto A2's battery life is impressive, allowing photographers to capture up to 450 full-power flashes on a single charge. This feature ensures that you'll never run out of power during crucial moments on location. Additionally, the A2's battery can be recharged in just 90 minutes, minimizing downtime and keeping you focused on capturing stunning images.


The Profoto A2 is a game-changing portable light that offers photographers an unbeatable combination of power, portability, and convenience. With its increased power output, AirX connectivity, compatibility with Profoto's Click modifiers, and compact design, the A2 is an essential tool for photographers who frequently work on location. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your photography with the Profoto A2; invest in this groundbreaking light and experience the perfect fusion of performance and versatility for on-location photography.


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